Marry wearing a Converse!
20 of January 2019
Get married with a Converse trainers is a 'must have', but doing it with some customized ones just for you is a 'top'. Deciding to get married with trainers or put one on at the party and dancing time to enjoy your great day is a stunning option, Don't you think? Many brides have opted to buy some and customize them; Or ask a friend with cool for the crafts do it for you. There was also the possibility to search on Etsy... but now an online store has been created a personalized 'ad hoc' Converse with whatever you want: text, date of the wedding, your names, silk strings in a thousand colors and You can customize with Swarovski crystals!
We are talking about an English website called 'Wedding Converse'. There have many more models of shoes, although their success is in Converse of all kinds, the prices are based on the model and the type of customization, but they are between 87€ and 125€.
Do you dare to marry with some Converse?