Auxi, our super feminine and special bride from Fara Sposa
17 of January 2018

Their beautiful love story and the closeness to our team made this happy venue something really special for Novia d'Art. This magnificent duo decided to get married last August on the beaches of Cadiz, in the heart of Andalusia (Spain).Auxi, a woman with a super feminine and stylized silhouette respected her style and chose two models for the big day. During the ceremony he wore the 5002 model from Fara Sposa collections and the 5206 one for the party. Both models highlighted their curves and gave her a sophistication touch with the lace and tattoo effect with transparencies in the chest and back. For the ceremony, the mermaid-style skirt and a short skirt with a sinuous flight for the dancehall.Congratulations couple, it was a wonderful day that we won't forget!