In the dance floor, make your dress look the best!
25 of February 2018
Many times you've thought about the dancing time, that moment so awaited by the guests in which the bride and groom become the main protagonists of the venue. In addition, you will also have thought how are you going to do it and above all, how will you move with your dress without falling flat on the floor ...
Change the chip and make the dance become a real moment! First of all you must analyze the movement of your skirt, rehearse and play with it. Observe their movements and make them yours. If you have chosen a dress with mermaid skirt, your best option will be a tango, your movements will look great with the smooth, elongated and intense flight of the steps of this magnificent style. However, if your choice was a princess skirt with volume from the waist, the classic waltz will make you succeed. On the other hand, a halter neckline will give you a lot of versatility of musical styles, have you thought dancing something more lively? This is your dress!
Whatever your decision, choose a dress that makes you feel good, that contributes to your freedom of movements and above all, highlight your personality.