The bridesmaids of today
06 of January 2019
The legend about bridesmaids talks that evil spirits tried to steal happiness from the bride. To confuse them, their friends dressed in a similar way, they wore the same bouquet and the same hairstyles ... Today, these are the bridesmaids, and choose them and decide how they will be dressed and how we will give them prominence sometimes we come up hill.
How many should I choose? Is there a limit? How will they dress? It is a good expense, should I pay it? What tasks or details do I assign to each one?Choose the ones you want, as long as the place have, and including with the godparents or their partners. The limit is set by you and the capacity of the place. Tell them to dress as they want! But keep a touch of tradition, a bouquet fiting with yours, or a touch of the same color in each ... Be creative and different from the rest! So each one can choose their clothes and it will not cost us a fortune. Adjudicate them the tasks that most represent them and also give them the option of proposing new ideas.
Best of all, times have changed and a different wedding can become the wedding of the year. So, be yourself, let your imagination fly and look for comfort and naturalness in everything ... The success is assured!