Don't go crazy this Christmas!
22 of December 2017
Do you feel overwhelmed thinking about the madness of this celebrations, dinners and purchases of these days? The key to a Christmas consumption is plan and organize: it is time to consume, yes, but it is possible to do it with head, opting for rational and sustainable alternatives and without ruining yourself! With these 5 tips we are sure that your Christmas you won't get you crazy:
1. Make lists to organize your purchases2. Compare! There is no better purchase than what is done with criteria, internet makes you an expert if you dig a little ...!3. Toys are very expensive and more if they are fashionable characters and themes ... Choose educational and fun games!4. Buy Online, you will save a lot in time and money!5. Be creative for decoration, there are a thousand options ... Enter in Pinterest and unleash your creativity, there you will find millions of ideas! And very important: recycle!
Novia d'Art and Fara Sposa Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!