Prepare your face for makeup artists on your wedding day
27 of October 2017
Have a perfect and beautiful face isn't complicated but you must carry out some simple beauty tips that will guarantee you a fabulous make-up and some luxurious photos.In this article we give you four tips that will make you come to the big day with perfect skin, healthy and ready for a sublime makeup session.
Tips to follow:1. Check with your dermatologist first if you are going to do some deep cleaning or peeling. Do it in hands of professionals and update on how many days before you must do it.2. Rest, your skin needs it.3. Any dermatological treatment to correct imperfections should be carried out at least a year before the wedding.4. Eat healthy, several times a day and small rations, hydrate, drink tea and antioxidant foods. Do not obsess and make it a way of life!Now: Enjoy your wedding day!