A real story telling
10 of October 2018
We got married last July 14th and it was a fairytale wedding in the Pago de Cirsus winery (Ablitas, Navarra). My husband is French and we celebrate the wedding in Spain but we wanted to put the French touch on the day's election. July 14th is a national holiday in France and symbolizes the beginning of the French Revolution. For this reason, we call our venue affectionately "Our Revolution". The dress was made for me, I totally identified with it and had everything I was looking for: it is elegant, sexy, special, and with a light touch of color, ... in a word and how I like to define it: a SPECTACULAR dress.To give the final touch the veil was placed as a cloak revealing the neckline of the back and was held on the shoulders with the same medallions worn by the dress (made by Rodas Novias, Corella). And the Greek style hairstyle (Hairdresser Lady, Corella) was completed with a wreath of flowers (Rodas Novias) in shades of pink, gold and green, which united the tonalities of the dress with the bouquet (Floristería Gama, Corella) and the vineyards . Makeup by Sakura Beauty, Tudela.Photos of Photography Roser, Cintruénigo.